I haven’t blogged about parenting in a while, but that’s because I’ve been writing a lot about parenting (and such) for other web sites.  In case you missed any of the recent articles, I’ve posted them right here with a short preview.

Does Sharing a Name Mean Anything?

Published by: Role/Reboot AND The Good Men Project
When I married my current wife, Joy, more than six years ago, I asked her to take my last name. I imposed despite the fact that she was already an attorney with an established reputation. But, we were in love, and it meant something to me, so she just did it without complaint. Thinking about it over the years, I now wish I could take back the request. I wish I knew then that most of the traditions of marriage are a kind of oppression, especially for women. I love being married, but the process of getting married and so much of the expected roles of wives and husbands is just social control masquerading as tradition — more —

I Get Mocked for Being Fat, But It’s What Guys Do

Published by: Role/Reboot
I take off my pants, belt still attached, and throw them hard to the ground like I’m spiking a football.

“Don’t you oppress me pants!” I yell at the discarded Wrangler’s jeans. I scold the leg sleeves as they lay haphazard, like deflated tentacles of a giant, blue squid. Men are supposed to have a sense of humor about body size, so I work all the angles to make light of it.

Ray-Ray, my 5-year-old and Ellie, 3, laugh uproariously at what has become a near-daily ritual. I have five kids, ages 3, 5, 12, 16, and 18, but the older three find no mirth in my pants shenanigans — more —

Stop Mocking Chris Christie About His Weight

Published by: The Good Men Project
I don’t like Chris Christie’s politics, and he seems like an unpleasant fellow when you watch him interact with other human beings on television. Yet for all his faults and the politics on which we firmly disagree, I still feel great sympathy every time some wise-ass pundit or comedian makes a tired joke about his weight problem.  It just isn’t funny.

I cringe whenever Bill Maher brings up Christie on his HBO program, Real Time, because I know that two beats behind Christie’s name is a cheeseburger crack. It’s as inevitable as Maher’s impatient, dour look after one of his jokes falls flat.  Most of the people who mock Christie are like Maher, comedians and entertainers, but I can’t help think if his politics were different (he’s conservative) or if he were a woman, he might dodge the relentless, personal taunts — more —

These are three of the most recent, but there are more articles by me on Role/Reboot and the Good Men Project.  Check out both the sites!